We have increased our sanitation and intake procedures to meet requirements set forth by the state massage board, Governor's orders, and CDC recommendations. You will find most of our protocols here on this page if you have any questions please reach out at 252-564-8656 or email

First and foremost, your health and well-being along with the health and well-being of myself, my family, and our community are of the most importance and will be the top driving force with all decisions made during this pandemic.

There will be limited in home sessions. This does not mean I won't be traveling to homes it means when at ALL possible massages will be done outdoors on a deck or patio; I also have a portable office that I can bring and set up if these options are not available. If there is a bedroom in the home no one has slept in that can be easily sanitized before set up that is a back up option. I recommend that, if at all possible, clients come to me at my home using the portable office option. Other settings may be discussed if necessary. Please reach out on an individual level if these options do not suit you.

Material coming to sessions will be limited to prevent cross contamination. A new washable dish will be used for cream and washed in between clients. The table, head rest, and any other tools will be sanitized between groups/homes. All sheets will be kept separated from clean and dirty; Clean will be in a closed tote and dirty will be placed in individual plastic bags and washed immediately. There will be no fabric material going from one home to another before being properly washed, this includes but not limited to bolsters and blankets. 

Clothing will be changed and, if possible, a shower taken between client homes. If a shower is not possible I will wash arms (to the shoulder) and hands at a minimum. 

All Clients MUST fill out an intake form related to Covid-19, there will be no exceptions.


The temperature of each client will be taken before the session begins. This will be done using a non-contact thermometer.


It is HIGHLY recommended that you wear a face mask while face up and receiving head and shoulder work. This is for your safety, mine, and the clients I see after you. I appreciate the understanding during this new experience. I will wear a mask for the duration of the appointment for these same reasons. My masks will not be used in multiple homes and will be washed using the same guidelines as the sheets. If clients do not have a mask one can be provided for them. IF you cannot wear a mask for any reason please let me know why and I will be happy to try and work with you if at all possible but as stated the health and well-being of everyone is most important and I may have to deny you service, for that I am sorry.

I am extremely excited to get back to work and serve you all with the same wonderful service and massage experience you have had here on the Outer Banks but with a new twist on safety. Thank you for your understanding and patience! See you all soon.

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