Therapeutic Massage

In a therapeutic massage we'll work together to find a massage suited just for you, ranging from Swedish to deep tissue, stretching and aromatherapy. A massage catered specifically to your needs.


60 minute/$115

90 minute/$150

Thai Massage

The perfect blend of passive yoga, compression, and acupressure. This practice is preformed on a Thai mat placed on the floor, client fully clothed in yoga or loose clothing to facilitate stretching. It is one of the most beneficial massages for tight muscles and joints.


60 minute/$125

90 minute/$160

thai foot.JPG
Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage focuses on the lower legs and feet to release blocked energy pathways. Starting with gentle movement and massage; finishing with a hot towel and acupressure points. It allows balance and healing to come from within.  This massage  can added to another session. 

add on $75

Foot Massage only $95

Cupping Therapy

This technique uses suction to increase blood flow, replenish nutrients, and stretch tight muscles. Like a massage it can range from light to deep pressure and can be adjusted to your needs. This practice can leave marks that can last upwards a week but the reward can be worth it.

60 minute blend of cupping and massage $140

90 minute blend of cupping and massage $175

Ultimate Relaxation.JPG
Craniosacral Therapy

Working with the tissues and rythm of the central nervous system through gentle touch techniques. Used to release holding patterns, decrease pain, increase circulation, and mobility, and restore homeostasis to the body. 

60 minute Craniosacral


90 minute Craniosacral


Ultimate in Relaxation

A beautiful combination of everything above! A blended massage using therapeutic and Thai techniques of  either an hour and a half or two hours complete with essential oils, hot towels, and full body CBD treatment. Add a finishing touch with your choice of cupping, Thai foot massage, or hot stones. 

90 minutes $190

2 hours $220

OBXtracts CBD Creams

Have you been suffering from pain and finding no relief? CBD creams are topical analgesics that provide relief from day to day aches and pains to more severe muscle strains and arthritis. 

Add a treatment to any massage for $15

My skills are always growing and evolving. This way you're never getting the same old massage. Be sure to switch up your therapy choices for a fresh experience. If you have a question about a specific service feel free to call and ask or shoot me an email.

I ask that if you need to change or cancel your appointment you do so within 24 hours of your scheduled time. Failure to do so for non-emergency reasons will result in a $50 cancellation fee.


There are special rates for locals, first responders, and veterans, please inquire about these when booking your appointments. Must have a valid ID.

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