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Therapeutic Massage

Massage catered specifically for each client. Blending Swedish and deep tissue with Thai massage and aromatherapy brings transformative effects throughout the body.


A beautiful combination of every modality! A massage using therapeutic and Thai techniques of  either an hour and a half or two hours complete with essential oils, hot towels, and full body CBD treatment. Choose the finishing touch with Cupping, Thai Foot Massage, or Hot Stones. 


Outer Banks


Hot Stone Massage


Thai Massage

Experience the ancient techniques of Thai massage. Passive stretching, compression, and acupressure come together to loosen tight muscles and joints. Feel the tension melt away.


Thai Foot Massage

Focusing on the lower legs and feet in a heaven on earth massage. Relaxing tension in the feet and legs with sen reflexology points. Finished with a hot towel on the feet, neck and shoulder work.


Cupping Therapy

Another ancient healing technique used to increase blood flow, replenish nutrients, and assist in stretching muscles and fascia. This technique does leave it's mark but the reward is worth it.


Craniosacral  Therapy

Working with the tissues and rhythm of the central nervous system through gentle touch techniques. Assisting in the release of holding patterns, decreasing pain, easing headaches, and increasing circulation and mobility.

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CBD Treatment

Have you been suffering from pain and finding no relief? CBD creams are topical analgesics that provide relief from day to day aches and pains. Specially formulated for Relax OBX Massage using only natural ingredients and hemp organically grown in North Carolina.

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